She's the Man, this is so true! "Quit blurshin' mon'!" "Yer is Urgly!"

49 Reasons Why "The Notebook" Is The Worst, Most Frustrating Movie Ever Created. Seriously, so funny!


She's The Man

funny and so true

Haha Love the Princess Diaries!

Thank you, Suzanne Collins, for giving girls a potential role model who is better than most of the fictional characters in modern literature.

Shes The Man


My life is complete! She Doesn't Even Go Here! Mug

Truly awkward.

You again.. cloris leachman and betty white lol I've never seen this, but it looks hilarious

seriously... This does happen....

oh man, this is me.

story of my life (:


I'm in college. Wearing leggings as pants is not the worst thing I will do this |

Complete truth.

This pretty much sums up the entire movie