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    Baby Powder


    • Debbie Holdsworth

      Alternative Uses for Baby Powder | Fabulessly Frugal: A Coupon Blog Sharing Gift Ideas, Amazon Deals, Printable Coupons, DIY, How to Extreme Coupon, and Make Ahead Meals

    • Nicole Pedrogo-Miranda

      WHO KNEW??? BABY POWDER ISN'T JUST FOR BABY BUMS! Here are some FAB ideas to put Baby Powder to use for you and your family…(from fabulessly frugal) 1. Sprinkle some baby powder over sand-covered kids (and adults) to soak up excess moisture and make the sand incredibly easy to brush off. 2. Cool things down by sprinkling a bit of baby powder between your favorite sheets on warm summer nights. 3. Vigorously rub a handful or two of baby powder into your pet’s fur. Let it settle in for a couple of minutes, and follow up with a thorough brushing. Your dog will both look and smell great! 4. Use it as dry shampoo for your hair. Just sprinkle some powder on your palms or fingers and rub it into your scalp to absorb the oil. 5. Dust a small amount of powder onto your eyelashes before applying mascara to make them look fuller. 6. If you get a grease splatter on your clothing, try dabbing the stain with some baby powder on a powder puff. Make sure you rub it in well, and then brush off any excess powder. Repeat until the mark is gone. 7. Loosely place playing cards in a plastic bag along with a bit of baby powder. Seal the bag and give it a few good shakes. When you remove your cards, they should feel fresh and smooth to the touch. 8. For moldy or mildewed books, try this: First, let them thoroughly air-dry. Then, sprinkle some baby powder between the pages and stand the books upright for several hours. Afterward, gently brush out the remaining powder from each book. 9. Place 5-6 flower bulbs and about 3 tablespoons baby powder in a sealed plastic bag and give it a few gentle shakes. The medicated-powder coating helps both reduce the chance of rot and keep away moles, voles, grubs, and other bulb-munching pests. 10. Sprinkle a little powder along an ant trail or around your picnic blanket to get rid of ants. 11. Going for a summer run? Sprinkle powder wherever you may chafe before heading out. The powder will help reduce friction when running to keep your skin protected and smooth. 12. To ease waxing pain, dust the area with baby powder before applying the wax. The powder will absorb moisture and body oils so the wax can properly adhere to each hair, plus it will create a barrier to protect your skin. 13. To fight shoe odor, lightly dust the inside of your shoes with powder and let them sit overnight. 14. For squeaky floorboards, sprinkle some baby powder between the boards and sweep into the cracks. 15. Dust a tangled necklace chain with baby powder to make it easier to untangle. 16. Coat your hands with baby powder, or dust the inside of your gloves, to make it easier to put on rubber gloves.

    • Karri Mohr

      Helpful hint

    • Alanna Fisher

      Alternative Baby Powder Uses... Some very random and yet possibly useful things:)

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