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Purple Pain: This bandage developed by German scientists turns purple if the pH is between 6.5 - 8, indicating possible infection.

"Cupmen" dude holds down your lid and then turns a different color when your Cup o'Noodles are ready. i dare you not to smile.

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Distil Union Snooze Bar

Snooze Bar for iPhone 5/ 5C/ 5S

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9 Gadgets You Can Fit In Your Pocket

9 Useful Gadgets You Can Fit In Your Pocket - slightly worrying that I already own 6 of these...

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Unbelieveable & CHEAP Natural Ear Infection Remedy

If you need an ear infection home remedy, this one works and it's the cheapest one out there. I couldn't believe it worked -- would you try this?

It’s no wonder that getting an IV at the hospital is scary for a lot of people- it looks scary, can be painful, and often takes more than once to get it right! The Medical Feather is an innovative gadget that uses ultrasound technology to find the vein and mark it with a patch that helps nurses guide the needle to the right spot each time. The cooled patch desensitizes the skin so minimal pain is involved and also acts as a blinder, keeping the needle-to-skin action out of sigh...

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Masimo's iPhone oximeter puts vital health information at the tip of your finger (hands-on)

Turn your iPhone into a heart rate monitor..

Placing your stethoscope on the coloured dots will mean you are listening to the… RED DOT- aortic valve sounds BLUE DOT- pulmonic valve sounds GREEN DOT- Erbs point (where aortic and pulmonic valve sounds radiate) YELLOW DOT- Tricuspid valve sounds PURPLE DOT- Mitral valve sounds @Victoria Lynn@Liz Lynn@Kimberly Chapman Clark

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Force Yourself to Wake Up With an Alarm Clock Rug

I need this alarm clock! You must physically stand on it to turn it off!

Alexandria’s Genesis, aka ”violet eyes” (a mutation). When someone is born with Alexandria’s Genesis, eyes are blue or gray at birth.After 6 months, they change their original color to purple, and it lasts 6 months. During puberty, the color deepens to dark purple, royal purple, or blue-violet and remains so. It doesn't affect vision. Women born with this mutation do not menstruate, but are fully fertile. (DAMN! What is not to LOVE about this?!)