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    On Nerds by John Green

    Yet another hijacked post...

    Superman Created by Juan Doe

    "We Do Not Sow" House Greyjoy - O’lee Graphiste

    Barry Blankenship

    Game of Thrones

    #Serenity betterdays #Firefly #JossWhedon

    8-Bit Drums Super Mario

    He has mutant healing abilities but Wolverine still feels the pain of being ignored by his home province. Why can't the superhero get a little Alberta love?

    Oh supernatural

    The Library inside the Beast's castle ... Beauty and the Beast ... Disney

    I would sure be lost and not have a clue what to do with my life anymore. I love google.

    Toph Bei Fong by TophWei on deviantART

    Sokka - Avatar, The Last Airbender

    "Yeah Boomerang! . . . Aw, boomerang!"

    ~ all things sokka


    LOL Sokka and the clueless hippie-band they run into

    Warrior Sokka by ~Mandy-Mo on deviantART. Totally gorgeous!!

    10 Things We Can All Learn From "Avatar's" Sokka - BuzzFeed Mobile

    Sokka understands. I think Suki was a better match for him, anyway.

    Watching Lord of the Rings after the Internet…

    ...water tribe.. :D (gif)

    Avatar Aang

    Katara and Sokka