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Haha - "Sometimes I drink water to surprise my liver." #funny #alcohol #someecards

I do yoga to alleviate stress. Just kidding I drink wine. | Confession Ecard |

I'm planning on having my favorite drink this weekend. It's called a lot. (Someecards)

There are two types of people in this world: People you drink with, and people you are with that make you want to drink.

Love? I prefer vodka. | Drinks/Happy Hour Ecard |

If you drink enough tonight, you won't have to lie when you call in sick tomorrow.

I'm feeling a bit overworked and under intoxicated. TRUTH!

Good friends know the exact number of drinks you can handle before you make poor choices. Great friends hand you that drink. #ecards

That's alcohol abuse...Someone would get punched in the throat at my house for this ;)

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