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Octopus arm tattoo

I wouldn't mind getting a big sparrow instead of the little one that I wanted.


The thing some people don't realize is that when you get a tattoo you get it for yourself.... Not for someone else... So I don't actually care that you think I will regret it and I am certainly not asking you to get a tattoo. -molls

@joyhystericboutique's photo: "Black, fitted and off-the-shoulder ✖️✖️ @mel_joyhysteric wearing the x-front crop top $160 ➡️ $128 #shakuhachi #joyhysteric #flashsale"


"i want a partial sleeve. a flower for each person in my family. the flower to represent the month they were born."


Arrows Tattly Designed by Wesley Stuckey Baltimore, MD

Eu quero!

Bear with a crown and twigs with text tattoo on the foot: "le roi d'un pays pluvieux" French, translates to "The king of a rainy country" | Artist: Tarmasz,



Lace arm wrap tattoo. :)

geometric arrow tattoos | Geometric tattoo - rock and arrow. | dark marks Much smaller, lateral side of foot

Bird by ~grimmy3d on deviantART

love bird tattoos.


Flowers and Birds Sleeve Tattoo