With every goodbye you learn... Why not allow a goodbye to be a lesson of how to do things better next time? Or perhaps not at all :)

You're sad because you're not fooled by the world like everyone else is.

Everything happens for a reason

"Having perfected our disguise, we spend our lives searching for someone we don't fool" - Robert Brault #INFP

Seriously good advice from Hemingway. quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons.

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not sure who said it but I like it!

/ F. Scott Fitzgerald

I'm learning.

That's so inspiring.

so true and people need to REMEMBER this! think before you freak out on someone...they may not handle something the way you want, but their intentions may be good and that's what matters.


I need to learn this is the way to live. Can't always make everyone happy at the expense of your own happiness.


Kahlil Gibran: "Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it."

Life lesson no.27....

Oh how true it is! These people I feel so sorry for they waste so much of their own lives judging and having their own opinions on my life. Just so very sad...I pray for these people to find themselves because judging is so ugly.

The people who come into our lives to show us there is more out there than what we even know is possible <3

"You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."