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Hidden truth about Fingerprints - Do you know that no two fingerprints are exactly alike! More interesting facts about the human fingers.

Here's a list of interesting facts about Fingerprints. No two fingerprints are exactly alike and it is difficult to get fingerprints on carpets and cloths.

The Art of Science: A History of DNA Art — Genetic Ink

The Art of Science: A History of DNA Art

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Happy DNA Day!! April 25 is national DNA Day!

To mark another DNA Day, decided this year to take a look back, not just of some milestones in modern genetic science, but also our own company’s h


This guide contains the key points on the popular topic, Genetics. Included in this helpful guide: Basic concepts, Mendelian Genetics, sample problems &a

Histoire de la génétique

The History of Genetics Infographic. A lot of info packed in there to share with students, or use for a scavenger hunt assignment.