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Sunken yacht in Antarctica

Częstochowa, Polands abandoned train depot


Provence, France

Havana, Cuba

Paris Opera House

Cataluna, Spain

Genoa, Italy


interesting staircase

The Minaret of Samarra, also known as the Malwiya Minaret or Malwiya Tower is part of the Great Mosque of Samarra in Samarra, Iraq. The mosque is one of the largest in the world, and was built by the Abbasid caliph Al-Mutawakkil . The minaret was originally connected to the mosque by a bridge.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Casa Batlló, Barcelona. WOAH

The Chrysler Building

Upper Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona.

National Park

"The Subway" in Zion National Park, Utah

Sandstone Waves in Coyote Buttes North, Arizona.

spirals - Rotoura, New Zealand

Ice Hotel Stockholm