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PhoneSoap: Simultaneously Charge and Sanitize Your Phone. So gross how dirty our phones are.. This is actually a really cool idea!.. Great that they got it funded :D I'm gonna get this one day :) The backing they receive will be used to help iron out their final specs and produce enough units to keep the costs low enough to be able to sell at their $40 price point.. They have officially reached their goal.. :D

Wesley LaPorte & Dan Barnes is raising funds for PhoneSoap: Simultaneously Charge and Sanitize Your Phone on Kickstarter! Smartphones are dirty. PhoneSoap enhances your nightly charge by simultaneously sanitizing your phone.

SolMate Solar Charger for iPhone

SolMate Solar Charger for iPhone

The Hovering Picture Frame - Hammacher Schlemmer

The Hovering Picture Frame - Hammacher Schlemmer - Magnets inside the acrylic photograph case and the three-sided frame create a magnetic field that suspends the photographs in midair.

Apple Siri Remote Rechargeable Control For Apple Tv 4 W/ Lightning Cable

Scientists have developed injectable microparticles containing oxygen gas, that could be used to raise blood oxygen levels when a patient's lungs aren't working or their airway is blocked.

Oxygen microcapsules could save lives when patients can't breathe

grey 9 Cool Gadgets to Own or Gift

The Eton Rukus Solar is a wireless portable Bluetooth speaker that plays music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. The speaker features a high efficiency solar panel allowing you to play music all day long from two stereo speakers.

book laptop case. LOVE.

BookBook Vol. 2 for MacBook - A new chapter in MacBook protection, with an unexpected plot twist

I want this!!

Oh to have a keyboard without crumbs in the keys at work! Fancy - Cool Leaf Touchscreen Keyboard by Minebea

This Lytro camera is new - and so cool.  Fits in a pocket, doesn't ever need a flash, only has a zoom button and a button to take a photo with, but produces amazing quality photos using a whole new technology. I want to play with one.

Lytro: What really makes it revolutionary

The Lytro Light Field Camera. The world's first light field camera lets you shoot first, focus later. Plus, create interactive, living pictures to share with friends and family online. Coolest thing since the Ipad

lost iPhone your 4 ways to find (and keep it from getting lost again)

BiKN-Your phone finds your lost keys and your keys find your lost phone.

iPhone Case is a Polaroid Printer.  OMG how cool.

The Sophie iPhone dock/case prints photos just like a Polaroid kidspot-products-we-love