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    darlingamericancurl: A wood cooking stove perfect for tiny off grid homes.

    “This is my #endoftheroadfestival @andyloosltd #sanitationselfie The portaloo company here is running a competition to win festival tickets by sharing a…”

    In Dakar, an Uber-like SMS service has reduced the cost of emptying pit latrines by nearly half – and now customers can sell their waste to be turned into energy

    Rose Owino a tailor in Migori, Kenya uses a solar light to charge her phone

    Indiegogo funder for a portable recycling plant for areas without recycling infrastructure

    GiraDora Pedal-Powered Washing Machine

    Loowatt - a revolutionary waterless toilet that seals waste in a biodegradeable film so it can be used for anearobic digestion and energy generation

    Do It Yourself 12 Volt Solar Power, 2nd Edition (Simple Living)

    Malawian physics student Mixon Faluweki. He realised that although only 11% of rural households in his country are connected to the electricity grid, 47% own a bicycle. So he came up with a device that can charge a cell phone using just pedal power.

    A flushing vermicompost toilet

    Manu Prakash at TED, with his cheap microscope for resource-constrained areas that can be folded from a single sheet of paper

    bootsi: that was the greatest shit i ever took

    Lonely outhouse

    Muruganantham stands next to his invention: a machine that allows rural Indian women to manufacture their own sanitary towels

    Vente de toilettes sèches -Gamme les Tinettes du Ventoux - Chlorophylle

    The little iron fish this man is holding is the result of his efforts to raise iron levels in the poorest populations in the jungle of Cambodia where iron deficiency is rampant. They wanted to get the women to put pieces of iron in their cooking water, but they couldn't figure out a way. Shaping the iron like a local fish considered to be lucky did the trick! Anemia was dramatically lowered.

    This is the public toilet at Kawakawa, New Zealand. It is probably the most photographed toilet in New Zealand, if not beyond. It was designed by Austrian born artist and architect Friedenstreich Hundertwasser. Here is one of the little Austrian homes where he lived and worked www.naturalhomes..... Inset is a quilt by Cath Stonard. One of four quilts she made inspired by Hundertwasser's design for the toilet www.cathstonardte...

    The Loowatt toilet uses a simple, patent-protected mechanical sealing unit to contain human waste within biodegradable film in the most efficient way possible, with a unique odor-inhibiting system. The waste is then stored in a cartridge beneath the toilet, for periodic emptying, which can be weekly or daily, depending upon level of usage and capacity. The toilet is designed for linking to anaerobic digestion systems,

    Hospital-acquired infections are a serious health problem. One potential source of contamination is through the spread of pathogen-bearing droplets emanating from toilet flushes. The video above includes high-speed flow visualization of the large and small droplets that get atomized during the flush of a standard hospital toilet.

    This man deserves a peace prize…

    How to build a stand that turns a smartphone into a digital microscope with $10 worth of materials

    "The simple act of handwashing with soap is one of the most effective ways to save children’s lives". Today on Global Handwashing Day, we remember you that the power is in your hands, always wash your hands before eating and after using the bathroom. Did you wash your hands before eating food today?

    Cutting pneumonia deaths with electricity-free oxygen devices

    A stove which requires half the charcoal of traditional cookers is slowing deforestation in Uganda.

    In low-resource settings, cheap plastic bags could help reduce hypothermia in low weight newborns.