open windows

Decorate with life, not knick-knacks.

By Emjaysea on Flickr

late fall


"Waking up here is so weird. I look out my window. See trees. Earth. People, wandering around, laughing, smiling, playing with each other, and I wonder. Is this the way it is supposed to be?" ~ Caitria Karis

Face in the Window, Italy photo via besttravelphotos

Cape Cod Window

Light at the window

Brugges Belgium. The famous window dog Fidel. We saw him when we were there. He's also in the movie "In brugges" and if you go there right now I bet he is sitting in that window at this very moment. The girl must be his owner, never seen her before lol.

My secret view

relaxing view

In the evening, the light will filter through the trees behind the house and make me feel secure and fulfilled...



Barn Window

Vintage Window Pane Picture Frame. I cant believe that I had not thought of this myself! I found two vintage church windows at an antique outdoor market and they had been hanging on our wall empty . . . well guess we will try this one when we move back to the states :)

Bedroom window at La Guillone Bed & Breakfast in Gordes, France | Photo: Kallie Brynn Buckmaster via Still Love Film


Gorgeous color

abandoned home with a conservatory - Writing inspiration #nanowrimo #scenes #settings