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Emma Spellings Bro, Broski, Brobama, Brotato chips, Brotien shake.

Definitely telling my kids they're allergic to things I don't want them to do lol!

hahaha...but no it's Advance toward me brethren

Bro. Brah. Brotato chip. Broseph. All frequently used in my everyday lingo. But hey- don't bro me if you don't me. Cool story, right, Bro?

For some reason, the following popped into my head when I saw this: "Ack, ye wee laddy! I dare ye to kick me in muh jimmies!" Small things please small minds...

"Dude, my icepack is judging me" (Never text for a good 3 hours after getting your wisdom teeth out -- on second thought -- do, it is so entertaining)

Everything’s easier when you have a bro…

I actually trapped a spider this way (until it finally died) because it was too big and juicy to squish....or to let go!!! :-P

# Bro Moments That'll Totally Make You Feel Like A Bro 0

Oh my GOSH this is DEFINITELY ME!!!! Explains me so well.