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Related Pins and men are to me - like the cream in my coffee...perfect.

Shia LaBeouf....who would have known that quirky kid would turn into this!

Shia LaBeouf. He did what most actors can never do. He went from niche actor to diverse when no one thought it would be possible. This resulted in him becoming one of hollywood's most successful film stars especially out of young actors. Definately, inspiring to me.

Oh Shia...I remember when you were just a little kid on the Disney channel! :)

shia labeouf- in transformers... named sam... makes out with... megan fox... named micaela

Keeping his cool: Sporting his new trademark rugged beard, the 28-year-old actor dressed down in a casual grey T-shirt and a matching pair of skingtight jeans

No one above him, no one below him my Shia

im pretty sure my mouth drools a bit when i go down the celeb section of pinterest and all i see are hot guys ;)

Shia LaBeouf is just so cute. Even though he's been in some trouble lately

shia-labeouf with a beard... oh my god he magically became 10x hotter