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    My dad used to go up this mountain as a child. I know it looks cold, but it usually isn't this white or snowed in. I hope that we get to see sights together. I've seen so many and yet so few in the whole measure of such beautiful sights and I want you too see them too.

    Mount Hood, Oregon - saw this from a distance while visiting my niece Sara. It really is beautiful to look at.

    Sunset at Mt. Hood in Oregon. Click on photo for home videos and more on Hotels, Restaurants and Things 2 Do.

    Mt. Hood ! I have already lost 27 pounds. I am sure this will help you loose some pounds. eKW2Y.weight2122....

    The Glorious Flanks of Mt. Hood and fields of Bear Grass... by Erik Hovmiller, via Flickr

    Oregon, I believe that is my. Hood. I used to stay at my great aunts and would wake up every morning to a big picture window with my. Hood right in center view. Beautiful.

    Mount Hood, Near Portland, Oregon

    photos out there representing Hood River Oregon . Here is the photo

    The view from our new front patio... God's majestic Glory that is Mt. Hood!

    The north face of Mt. Hood looking down the White Salmon River from Washington State. This will be my new home river in April!