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MMM cowboy!

save a horse ride a cowboy . Lol come to think if it . I do like saving horses ;

I have a feeling these two could be one of your kids and one of mine and we can say we let them grow up to be cowboys :) (if we ever find our own cowboys ;) )

Mamas' dot let your babies grow up to be cowboys. Screw that, the world needs more cowboys.

Prayers of a cowboy

Moment of Silence by Laura Mountainspring 4 pro bull riders in a moment of prayer during the Douglas County Fair Roseburg OR USA “freedom to worship”

Gonna Be Like You One Day!

- Okay, son. I'll teach you how to be a real-life cowboy. - Thanks, Dad. This is how I want my husband and kids to be including the daughters GIRLS CAN DO IT TOO!

My future husband and son

cowboy baby- One day I want a pic like this with my husband and future baby