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“Agritecture.” Like permaculture, these methods are set up to be largely self-sustaining, meaning that once the initial planting and early training of the branches is complete, the structures continue to grow on their own, requiring minimal external energy while providing maximum agricultural yield (as in the Fab Tree Hab, which is meant to provide food for the inhabitants). Permaculture is also about inclusion, accessibility, and mutual service between humans and the natural world. With…

How to transform one acre into your own self-sustaining homestead. THis is so something I want to do -aa

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How to Grow Your Own Treehouse

a home literally made from trees, using the art of weaving

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New Zealand's Whimsical Yellow Treehouse Restaurant Towers Above The Redwood Forest

New Zealand’s Whimsical Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

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How to Grow Your Own Treehouse

dream home: I really want to vist this place and some day find my own place to experiment with.

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Patrick Dougherty’s Mind-Blowing Nest Houses Made of Living Trees

Patrick Dougherty's mind blowing nest houses made of living trees

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Outdoor Mirrors

Mirror with optical illusion framing. That's cool.

Here's a "grow-your-own fence" - the pollarded willows not only supply the withes, they're also the fence posts

Arborsculpture, a branch of arboriculture is specifically involved with the shaping of tree trunks and branches into amazing structures, which have either ornamental or functional utility. Enjoy the tour through the amazing world of some famous ‘living’ furniture and designs collected from across the world.