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    Bride Dammit Doll ...attached poem: Your dammit doll is here to stay, and to help you on your special day! When the wedding isn't going like a fairy tale, don't go pulling at your veil! Grab the doll by the legs and slam her while yelling..Dammit-Dammit-Dammit!!! by tobeesgifts, $18.95

    Dammit Doll Pattern with Directions

    My Dang it Doll In pink and purple ribbons and bows by tobeesgifts, $14.95. Poems can be changed for your doll. Special orders welcomed!

    Dammit Doll

    College Dammit Doll Gators: "When the schoolwork is confusing and you're pulling out your hair, here's a college dammit doll to make it easier to bear. Just grab it firmly by the legs and find a place to slam it, as you whack the stuffing out yell, "Dammit, Dammit, Dammit!"

    Travel doll house. Evie will love it when she getsnbigger.

    Pittsburg Steelers Dammit Doll by tobeesgifts on Etsy, $18.95

    You are the Balm Teacher Appreciation Tags by wackykracker, $5.00

    Perfect gift for the upcoming holidays!!Holiday Lights Dammit Doll by tobeesgifts on Etsy, $14.95

    Dammit Doll Poems with Variations.

    DAMMIT DOLL!! Everybody needs one!!

    University of Alabama Dammit Doll by tobeesgifts on Etsy, $18.95

    Daughter in Law Dammit Doll by tobeesgifts on Etsy, $14.95

    Dammit Doll for Teachers

    Beta Sigma Phi Dammit Doll by tobeesgifts on Etsy, $14.95

    Bridesmaid Dammit Doll is wearing her uncomfortable blue satin dress- by tobeesgifts, $16.95

    Bridesmaid Dammit Doll.. Poem attached: Your friend is going to be a bride and she asked you to stand by her side. An unflattering dress and ugly hair and uncomfortable shoes you have to wear. The wedding has gotten to her head, you want to call her bridezilla but instead...Dammit Doll can help you deal with the bride because sometimes being a bridesmaid isn't an easy ride! Grab the doll by the legs and slam it while yelling - Dammit, Dammit, Dammit..... by tobeesgifts on Etsy, $18.95

    Striped Holiday Dammit Doll in vintage fabric by tobeesgifts on Etsy, $15.95. Custom orders welcomed!!

    Dammit Doll

    Ice Queen Princess 18 Doll Dress by MyPreciousTutu on Etsy