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  • Jaana Seppälä

    Portrait of Christian, Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth (1581-1655) by Unknown Painter

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Epistulae Heroidum, Dejanira dona a suo marito Ercole la tunica intrisa di sangue del centauro Nesso, 1496-98, miniature, Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF).

Giovanni Antonio Fasolo Fresco Detail Villa Caldogno, Veneto, Italy ca. 1565

Italian Bobbin Lace ~ 16th century ~ collar with supportase ~ Metropolitan Museum of Art

"I tried out the hook and eyes method for closure and I am really liking it, it is also not boned in any way as my older blue dress is, it is only lined in a firm linen fabric." -Cathrin Åhlén

Christoph von Laiming in his 59th year, Wertinger, Hans - V & A, Germany 1517

Anne of Denmark, 1590 - crowned Queen of Scotland

Bona Maria Sforza, Queen of Poland, daughter of Isabella of Aragon, c. 1516/17

King Stefan Batory of Poland, 1583 Marcin Kober, ca 1550-ca 1598

Bona Sforza - Bona Sforza (2 February 1494[1] or 2 February 1493[2] – 19 November 1557) was a member of the powerful Milanese House of Sforza. In 1518, she became the second wife of Sigismund I the Old, the King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, and became the Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania.

Francois Clouet Catherine de' Medici (1519-89), painted 1565, Queen of France (1547-59)

lucas cranach the elder(1472–1553), portrait of an unknown lady (formerly called 'sybille of cleves, wife of john frederick of saxony'), 1515. oil on panel, 55.5 x 37.5 cm. national trust, uk

ISABELLA CLARA EUGENIA (1566-1633). Infanta of Spain and Portugal; consort of Archduke Albert VII of Austria and co-sovereign of the Spanish Netherlands. Painting, c1600.

Titian, Venus with a Mirror, 1560 -repinned by #art #artists

Antonio Moro. Empress Maria of Austria, wife of Maximilian II, 1551

1577 - Maria Anna of Bavaria, 1551–1608 - daughter of Albert V & wife of Archduke Charles II of Austria

Sophia Jagiellonka - Sophia Jagiellon of Poland (Polish: Zofia Jagiellonka) (13 July 1522 – 28 May 1575) was a Polish Lithuanian Princess and Duchess of Brunswick-Lüneburg. She was a daughter Sigismund I the Old and his second wife Bona Sforza.

Catherine of Austria - Catherine of Austria (15 September 1533 – 28 February 1572) was a member of the House of Habsburg, Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania and the last consort of King Sigismund II Augustus.

Anna Jagiellon (Polish: Anna Jagiellonka, Lithuanian: Ona Jogailaitė; 1523–1596) was queen of Poland from 1575 to 1586. She was the daughter of Poland's King Sigismund I the Old, and the wife of Stephen Báthory. She was elected, along with her then fiance, Báthory, as co-ruler in the second election of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Anna was the last member of the Jagiellon dynasty.

Sigismund II Augustus, King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania, 1520-1572 by Marcello Bacciarelli, 1731-1818

Sigismund II Augustus, King of Poland (Sforza)

Sigismund I of Poland 1467 –1548 of the Jagiellon dynasty, reigned as King of Poland and also as the Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1506 until 1548. Sigismund 2nd wife is Bona Sforza.

Catherine of Austria (1533-1572), queenconsort of Poland and grand duchess of Lithuania, the third wife of king Sigismund II Augustus of Poland and Lithuania | Titian (1548/49)

Isabella of Portugal. red/white, blue panel underneath, transparent material behind around the neckline, big gold necklace. The square over the ears thing it's got going on

Gold wedding ring in the form of a spiraling belt. Inscribed. Netherlands, circa 1550.