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  • Brendan Carroll

    Not a real place, but a Lori Nix Diorama

  • Kevin Harrell

    lori nix - I've always imagined the bottom of the sea near by ports looking something like this...

  • Cheridal Nicholson

    Incredible miniature dioramas by Lori Nix! I can use this for reference when I put in the ocean by the dock! This is so neat!

  • Bev Wainio

    Lori Nix is the artist here. She creates the dioramas (minis- to me), then photographs them, which seems the true artistic challenge here. To me the whole package is very wild.

  • Dara Sage

    Lori Nix: Shipwreck

  • Emma Kate Barnhart

    Under the water. This is why I don't like the ocean

  • Switchblade Kid

    Miniature sculpture and photography by Lori Nix

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I just love the ocean and all its wonders&mysteries.; How can you love something so much but be so terrified of it at the same time?

However, while docked in the harbor, the 140-foot tanker was stripped of her spoils and abandoned, partially submerged in the water. It was ...

I Imagine this boat must have been a beauty in its time before it became rusted.

Best of 2011: LORI NIX’S SMALL SCALE WORLDS OF DECAY - Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design

Egypt...sunken ship - could there be ghosts there?

Lori Nix - "Botanic Garden". I find it amazing that all of these photos are actually photographed as miniatures and not full-scale

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Rusting at the bottom of the ocean. Turned into a new home for marine life, this abandoned ship has new purpose.