New Dad Survival Kit - I love this! Sometimes daddy's get left out.

Dad-to-be Survival Kit card

Life With Team Carroll: Happy Daddy's Day!! This one actually links to the instructions and what's in this one!

Daddy Survival Kit: Cute idea for a new daddy gift- I'll be making one of these for Nate for sure!

Turn your ultrasound into art work for your baby room. Whoa!

Daddy To Be Survival Kit. Cute Father's Day idea.

Baby food 101 - recipes, storage, and lots of other helpful information

Gift for new daddy one day

Ill have to remember this shot. :)

Practical tips to help your newborn baby sleep better! #parenting #babies #motherhood

Daddy-to-be hospital basket. A cute idea, although I think instead of giving after a baby shower, I would rather make one and put it in our trunk and then tell Dan about it when we get to the hospital for a surprise treat for him! And of course put things he would actually enjoy... not just necessities.

Framed hospital bracelets from mommy, daddy and baby. Cute!

Hospital Survival Kit - Baby Shower Gift, the mom should get something.... =)

Stamper's Ramblings -- New Dad survival kit

Survival Kit for a new mom

FIRST TIME MOMS, LISTEN UP.... I am pinning this bc some of you might find this helpful! I wish I had known all of this stuff when I was preparing for the hospital with my First delivery. I would have never thought of some of this stuff but, it's all super practical, an must needed!

Put their first pair of shoes in a shadowbox and hang in their room. Use velcro on the backs to make them stay. Something I actually think I would do--I love baby shoes!

Living Eventfully: baby shower

That's awesome!! I would love to make that for my daddy and for Josh.

newborn diapers, a baby washcloth for the blanket, and a baby sock for the hat! {such a fun baby shower gift}