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my marxist feminist dialectic brings all the boys to the yard

My Marxist feminist dialectic brings all the boys to the yard.

Christ-Centered Christianity

Christ-Centered Christianity

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A little lighthearted humor this morning with the Holy Trinity at church. "So God Neither Slumbers nor Sleeps?" http://www.patheos.com/blogs/nakedpastor/2013/09/so-god-neither-slumbers-nor-sleeps/

so God neither slumbers nor sleeps?

i love how there's just NOTHING in ohio. sounds about right.  Also, Florida would be Harry potter world.

texas is right XD Ya'll. I don't like Oregon tho, Oregon isn't a pot it's a nice place.

This is an image of mice trying to spread the word about cheeses, which symbolizes religious followers who go around trying to spread the word of God. I chose this image because people will go door to door to spread word of their God to others. This image can relate to how on campus there are people passing out bibles and pamphlets about God.

23 of the Funniest Religious Memes/Cartoons

Funny pictures about Church mice. Oh, and cool pics about Church mice. Also, Church mice photos.


7 Pieces of Wisdom That Will Change the Way You Work Advice that will make you think from Steven Pressfield, Kurt Vonnegut, Martha Graham and more.

Curiosity killed your virginity.. haaaa!

"Curiosity killed my virginity?" When did this happen and why wasn't i informed?

Funny as the Hangover and way cleaner, I love the movie Bridesmaids and especially the character Megan!

I have come to conclude that existential loneliness is our default position. But when we are a part of the church, many of us assume that because we are surrounded by people our loneliness will be ...

church and loneliness

church and loneliness cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Droopie's Words of Wisdom

A funny saying and thought of the day. Never hold your farts in comedy quote and humor picture to laugh at.