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  • Melanie DeWolf

    Brookies! Half brownie half cookie! Fill 1/2 mini muffin tray with Brownie mix then put a teaspoon of your fav cookie dough on top bake at 325 for 20 min!

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Brookies! Prepare 1 box brownie mix & 1 box cookie mix as per the box. 1 scoop brownie mix + 1 scoop cookie dough in a muffin tin. Bake as directed on the box but start checking half way through baking.

Brookies....Drop small spoonfuls of the cookie dough on top of the brownie batter...bake and voila! Brookies!

Brookies, so easy there is no excuse not to make them. Recipe:

Cookie-Brownies................................... 1 scoop of brownie batter + 1 scoop of cookie dough in a muffin cup

Brookies ... Or you can use boxed brownie and cookie mixes. Bake according to package directions, but check at half baking time to make sure not to over cook and to keep brownies moist.

A morning tailgate idea!! Any favorite pancake mix, pour over fully cooked sausage (better yet, fruit), bake in mini muffin tins for bite sized pancakes

Apple pie cupcakes- made it with Butter supreme cake mix, less brown sugar, and a little cider.

Crabby cupcakes! So cute use grapefruit gummies to top on "sand" cupcakes. Use graham crackers for the sand.

Sand Pudding- what a fabulous idea for a summer party! -- had this at a Summer pool party, just made it and the hubby is loving it!

This Sand Pudding Recipe is a hit! It is delicious, simple are SO real looking!!