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ThoughtWorks Chennai Office

Here are some snaps from the ThoughtWorks office located in Chennai, India. We covered ThoughtWorks before, but this office is quite a bit lett crowded, an

Owner: Garrett Murray Photographer. brighter.space/post/108696563848

Fabulous Modern Desk Ideas for Functional And Enjoyable Office - SimpleJoy Studio

GitHub | MASHstudios | Work Stations  http://mashstudios.com/2014/04/30/github-2/

Take the Exclusive Tour of GitHub’s New Hacker Heaven

GitHub’s newly introduced Intellectual Property agreement seeks the balance between developers’ rights at work and in side jobs.

A desk is a desk is a desk. Or is it? A desk plays a vital role in today’s civilisation whether you need space for architectural creations, workspace and space for your peripherals or just a space to share a coffee. A desk is used at home as much as at the office and comfort comes to mind when thinking …

25 Best Desks for the Home Office

5 ft Industrial Salvaged Barnwood Desk with pipe legs. $485.00, via Etsy.

Opening for keyboard/extras--- 3 ft Industrial Salvaged Barnwood Desk with pipe legs via Etsy


Who says you can't draw on the walls? Over 50 Cool Office Designs & Workspaces for Inspiration

Envato - Level 2

Take a (Photo) Tour of Envato's Melbourne Headquarters

Startup spaces: How to design your startup office for a productive workforce

How to Design Your Startup Office for a Productive Workforce

We spoke to some of the hottest startups to get tips on building a space that welcomes productivity, creativity, and keeps employees happy.

“Almost All Walls are Whiteboards” – Spotify Agile Engineering Culture

The whiteboard wall has become an essential team tool in an agile development or scrum model.

Inside of Blizzard’s Office

Inside of Blizzard's Office

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code for america office - Google Search

Community-minded hackers code well for the future

The nonprofit Code for America, whose tech wizards call themselves the Peace Corps for Geeks, uses technology to make government work better.

github offices - Google Search

Hail to the Octocat.

Office Space Design Idea from Asana

5 Exciting Examples of Startup Office Space Design