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Explore Balls Kazakhstan, Mangistau Kazakhstan, and more!


ces étonnantes formations naturelles les tufs de sable 2Tout2Rien

Pre-Colombian elongated and trepanned skull showing signs of bone regrowth after the trepanation. From the collection of the Lima National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology, and History.

Trovanti (Growing Rocks) Museum Natural Reserve in Romania

10 Unique Cemeteries

The Megalithic Passage Tomb, Newgrange, County Meath Ireland, constructed over 5000 years ago (about 3200 BC). It is estimated that the construction of the Passage Tomb at Newgrange would have taken a work force of 300 at least 20 years.

Strange Beams Of Light Captured in August 2015 In Italy, Mexico, the US and around the world! What are they?


Megalithic site locate at cianjur west java, Indonesia. It is the largest megalithic site in South-Eastern Asia