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Any love she had for me is gone... how the fuck do I let go or move on or I would be happy to just stop dreaming about her.. un necessary pain

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Any love she had for me is gone. how the fuck do I let go or move on or I would be happy to just stop dreaming about her. un necessary pain (Beauty Soul Gone)

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When you cant hate them for breaking your heart love love quotes quotes quote hurt heartbreak love sayings

I didn't want too

Life is a bumpy ride, it can get bad to worse. And the worse is you are breaking in parts and the person you love does not cares or cannot feel. Here are some Heartbreak quotes that might reflect y…

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Just because the past didn’t turn out like you wanted it to, doesn’t mean your future can’t be better than you ever imagined.

Jackson is starting to realize this

True, I fell in love with my first love an after we broke up I tried so desperately for us to be just friends but. It hurt too much to be just friends knowing deep down you have loved this person and you still do

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I've made that mistake more than once

So true.the biggest mistake in my life was staying together with my years wasting my time.my life.my self.yes that was my biggest mistake I have made in my life.

We forget that not everyone is like us, and therefore won't appreciate who we are - because honestly they haven't a clue.

We base love on how we show it, not realizing that everyone views and shows love differently based on their personality and overall life experiences.experiencing love in ways we're not use to can push us out of our comfort zones allowing a deeper connect

I will never give up on you or us I love you so much. I hope that you won't give up either

A True Relationship Is Two Unperfect People Refusing To Give Up On Each Other quotes quote relationship relationship quotes and sayings quotes about relationships relationship sayings relationship quote pictures true relationship quotes

I choose to walk away.

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