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the fetching audacity of splendid words.

note to self: u shud never assume Bryce likes u. don't get paranoid if he doesn't. don't expect him to know how to show u his love. know where u stand in his point of view/ look at it from his point of view

"Le remède contre tout est l'eau salée_ la sueur, les larmes, ou la mer."

Ro everyone who is self harming, stop. Do you need to know why? I'm going to tell you anyways. It's because your ruining a beautiful body god created, and only leaving scars in your life. Be happy with yourself, ad others will be too.

.. so use this day in the best possible way, inspire yourself, influence others, do something great, and when you look back when this day is over, you can say to yourself: "that was a day well lived!" ......... <3 Angela from