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early 1900s...Beautiful Victorian Lady....artiste "Marcelle Lender"...french original vintage postcard. $9.99, via Etsy.

dream room. victorian inspired to perfection..

Really, does it get any more delightful than a pair of card playing Victorian gals sporting top hats? I rather think not!

Breathtaking bedroom at Lyndhurst, Tarrytown NY. Gothic bedstead is fantastic and rest of detail in the room, esp windows, is stunning. Wall color of a dusty pinkish-brown is wonderful.

image from "The Parisian", allowed London-based, owner to join two apartments and successfully ensure that he achieved the desired flow of space as well as the correct proportion and scale.

"This new found affluence and status for the middle-class, was naturally revealed in the types of homes they lived in [...] The typical middle-class drawing room was crammed full of furniture, fabrics were used in abundance and every available surface was overflowing with knickknacks. Such displays were a means of showing off their new-found cultural interests, prosperity and status. They were also in accord with the fashionable notion that bareness in a room was in poor taste."

Love to think about what my family would have been wearing when my Queen Anne victorian house was built in 1893