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The Prime Minister Winston Churchill inspects bomb damage caused by Luftwaffe night raids in Ramsgate, Kent, England on 28 August 1940.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill surveys bomb damage to the capital inflicted by the German Luftwaffe during the blitz. 1940

The Prime Minister Winston Churchill visits bombed out buildings in the East End of London on 8 September 1940.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill inspecting the ruins of the Coventry Cathedral, England, 28 Sep 1941 (Source: Imperial War Museum)

Winston Churchill walks through the ruins of Coventry Cathedral, 1942 The History Of The 20th Century - BBC Archive

Attempting to bomb Britain into submission, the German Luftwaffe attacked the city of Ramsgate while Churchill was visiting in August 1940. Taking cover in an underground shelter, he exchanged his trademark civilian hat for a steel helmet. The city’s mayor forced him to discard his cigar, eliciting the rueful response, ‘There goes another good one.

The Prime Minister Winston Churchill addresses British troops in the old Roman amphitheatre at Carthage, Tunisia, on 1 June 1943.

Rescue workers searching through the damaged town to identify the dead after a Luftwaffe bombing; Coventry, England - 15 November 1940 Photo by George Rodger

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