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The mountain man's dinnerware was simple, usually consisting of a kettle for cooking. Others may be so lucky as to have a plate, a tin cup, possibly a spoon, and the ever present butcher knife. This was the extent of the individual trappers' dinner-ware. The practice of eating off a butcher knife was common and continued on the frontier until nearly the turn of the century.

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1740-1770's Colonial by snowshoemen, via Flickr - Shoulder belt w/hatchet+hunting knife--Linen pack+bedroll--Wool covered metal canteen. All worn over right shoulder.

From left to right. Coffee pouch,fire kit pouch with C shaped steel,tinder pouch,hobo fishing kit,fire kit bag,whittling knife and sheath that contains a steel awl and bone needle. Next row. Kuksa & spoon,ferro rod with laburnum handle,ferro rod with denim micarta,Sammi antler sewing kit,Bushcraft knife & sheath with compass embedded is birch wood. And finally. A leather strop and Leather belt with a forged buckle.

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Woodsman's Delux Trade Flint & Steel Kit / Mountain Man / Fur Trade / *NEW

Woodsman's Delux Trade Flint & Steel Kit / Mountain Man / Fur Trade / *NEW*

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Fire Knife

Norwegian Fire Knife Super-tough triple-laminated stainless steel Double-stitch snap-style leather sheath

Contents of the Roycroft Scout kit. Oilskin "Painter's" tarp, Italian wool blanket, aluminum canteen. stainless steel bowl, ferro rod, carbon steel Mora Companion, roll of bankline, Fatwood wrapped in a cotton rag, 4 tarp stakes, Wooden spoon, Hot chocolate mix and some biscuit mix. The haversack contains a 27 oz. scout type bottle. A bahco saw. A tin with a fire kit including sure fire. And some more fatwood, a lighter. And a folding knife in the pocket.

I like the display of this fire starter kit. It includes tins, steel striker and flint, budling twine, charcloth, and various tinder.