Starkart Exhibitions Zurich. New and experimental Urban-Art, Graffiti, Street-Art and New Materialism & Speculative Realism. A garage-bar is part of the gallery. Our playlist: dreampunk, vaporwave, distroid, witchouse and mallsoft. We're always on the...

23 Incredible Umbrella Art Installations. This one really should be in my decorating or garden boards because I would love to do this in my own yard. It would also be useful as a rain cover!

Luminarium Mirazozo by Dave Gorman, via Flickr Pavilions, Booths & Exhibits are all temporary, so should be made from materials that won’t go to a landfill. At the same time, they need to be solid, durable, lightweight and collapsible.

Lost Time is ultimately about reflection and the wonder it creates. Studio Glithero has built 11 chandelier-like structures of looped stainless steel strings and suspended them from the cave-like ceiling, over a shallow pool of water.

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