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some how, i dont ever feel like i know my dance about 5 min before i go on stage and then i get out there and dance like i havn't danced before

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Someone else wrote: That's what happened to me when my aunt bought me a pair of signed pointe shoes from "The Nutcracker" as a young girl :) (want this as poster in my ballet studio)

ballerina in sunset so pretty and would love to do with all my dance budds

Remembering this moment: The butterflies in your stomach when you go on stage the nervousness the thought that you feel like your going to mess up but you strive for that perfection and start dancing you feel like you own the stage and nothing can stop you, I love that feeling, how that feeling is now integrated in my life.

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from Rules for my Newborn Daughter


Love these #wordsofwisdom from the inspirational Misty Copeland, who just became the first black Principal at American Ballet Theate #ballerina #workingwomen

you have the ability, you just have to believe. dance. quote.