• Jennifer Poling Kimball

    Cheesesteaks! | The second day after I came home, I made these cheesesteaks. This is Curtis’ perfected recipe. We have been making this for a few years now. We used to make it with sliced roast beef and one day, my former co-worker Kevin, said that Philly cheesesteaks were made with ribeye…that was enough for Curtis to want to give it a try. And perfection. | From: thelittlekitchen.com

  • Jamie McRill

    Cheesesteaks! from The Little Kitchen. I cannot get over how yummy these were. The only adaptions I made was to use the whole green pepper instead of the half, I used chuck steak instead of ribeye (cheaper), and I also seasoned the steak with steak seasoning. This is definately going in the recipe book!

  • Lisa Brown

    Cheesesteaks! from The Little Kitchen An easy, great sandwich for a weeknight dinner! I love cheese steaks!

  • Michelle Hasselius

    Cheese steaks from The Little Kitchen. Looks like it may be the real deal.

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