Banana Raspberry Cake with Lemon Frosting

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Have 15 minutes? Make this lemon curd. You’ll be licking the spoon in no time. Print Lemon Curd Yield: Makes 1 cup. Ingredients: 3 egg yolks 1 whole egg 3/4 cup sugar 1/2 cup lemon juice zest of 2 lemons 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into small cubes Directions: In a small saucepan, whisk together egg yolk and egg until combines. While whisking, pour in sugar, lemon juice and zest, and continue...

Ingredients: FOR THE CAKE: 1 box vanilla, white or yellow cake mix; 1 (3 oz.) box strawberry gelatin mix (Jell-O); 4 eggs; 1 cup vegetable oil; 1/4 cup water; 1 pint fresh strawberries (or 1 cup crushed fresh strawberries) FOR THE ICING: 1/2 block (4 oz.) cream cheese, softened; 1/3 cup butter, softened; 2 cups powdered sugar; 1 tsp. vanilla extract; 1 tbsp. milk.

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Lemon Coconut Cake - This classic layer cake features a tangy lemon filling between layers of tender white cake and a rich coconut-cream cheese frosting. Online reviewers proclaim the cake “divine” and “one of the best cakes they’ve ever eaten.” #lemon #cake

These Lemon Brownies are a light and delicious dessert, if you love lemon this ones for you!

Use half from vanilla cake mix & half of strawberry cake mix. Combine them both to equal the amount for 1 cake mix box. Bake according to directions on box. Once baked & cooled, cut through cake making as many rounds as you can. Spread strawberry frosting then top with fresh slices of strawberry. Add the next layer of cake & repeat process with frosting & strawberries until cake is all put together. Frost around entire cake & top with more strawberries. The cake looks pretty once u cut a slice

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Lemon Cake via My Recipes ... One pinner commented that this was their absolute favorite cake recipe. The Party Goddess! Marley Majcher #recipe #cake #cupcake #lemon #dessert

Lemonade Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting....You're gonna love this; starts with a Lemon cake EASY! :)

lemon poppyseed cake with almond cream cheese frosting.

Lemon Dream Cake--French Vanilla Cake mix, lemon pie filling, Cool Whip, lemon frosting.

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icing for brownies 3T butter 1 1/2 cup powdered sugar 1T milk 2T cocoa 1T vanilla melt butter in small sauce pan. Add Cocoa and remove pan form heat. Stir in remaining ingredients until smooth. Spread over brownies.

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