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omg yes. this is what I want to do. except not this design or colors. but the half sleeve. yes.

Rainbow veins tatt. Would love to do something like this.


You have to focus to really take it all in, but I've never seen better artistry. The detail in the statues and the eye make them look so real.

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thehauntedballroom: Tattoo, 1920’s. What I find ultimately intriguing here is not the ship tattoo and not the well-coiffed men (but hubba hubba amirite?), but what is up with that hybrid sweater? Not a long sleeve, not a sweater-vest, with a turtleneck? Surely handmade by a loved one.  I wish I knew what color it was.

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Geometric Tattoos

Crystal. Stunning colors.

Lots of lovely ink

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Amazing sleeves!


guys with tattoos <3 |Pinned from PinTo for iPad|


Looking for the artist who did this or artists that draw/tattoo in this style! - Imgur

Men & tattoos

50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Books

Your body is a canvas