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    You know, my sister lives by these words. She taught me to think this way - I'd never even thought the F-word to myself before that day. You know, she was right. I'll deny it if you ever tell her. Tracy, Elizabeth . . . you know who you are.

    I say "I love you to the moon and back " to my daughter, so this made me smile

    Pack your bags, we’re going on a guilt trip.  (Magnet on sale at Etsy.)

    Vintage women humor, I used to be a people person, but then people ruined it for me, Some people www the meta picture com

    hahahaha this cat's face made me laugh so hard. I'm pretty sure this is the face my cat would make if I made him eat salad.

    I love this, I need a sign like this over my front door and as a voicemail msg, when I need alone time to decompress so I don't stab anyone with a pencil. I've been coming close lately.

    Giggling....I wish one of my personalities liked to clean? Where's the cleaning fairy?

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    "... You made me miss the slick rick gig" Amy WInehouse.


    It's pretty funny when certain individuals can run their mouths and say and do what they please but when the tables turn they sure are the victim when it's them someone has an opinion about! Hilarious! Always a victim! Poor you, your feelings were hurt. Get the fuck over it! Truth hurts!



    LMAO! There is one person in particular that is in my life that I wish was not. If it would not create a fight for my husband I would be all over this saying. I can't stand stupid people.

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    Take Note!

    shut up