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    • Nina Elle

      black and white, boss, fuck, fuck it, girls , women | truth | go on | believe | trust | being a woman | Self-confidence | Individualismn | live | life | living | precious

    • Jesse Ehlert

      I've learned that sometimes, all you have to say is "fuck it" and just live.

    • Nicole Payne

      Live life fuk the bullshit leavevit in the past!! It's there for a reason :)

    • Jessica Hayes

      Some of the best things in life will come your way when you do this!

    • Sarah Reynolds

      Another fuck it quote :) @laurakdevine4 So true, thanks!

    • Mary Eggleston

      I have a thing for quotes that include the word fuck

    • Anna Weingarten

      just fuck it. you only live once. that's the motto.

    • Kelly Bono

      Words of Wisdom

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    I hate the saying, "I love you to the moon & back!" It's so corny. This is MUCH better.

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    Not sure whether to put this in my Catholic board, in things I find funny or my life. But Grandma sure takes me on a lot of trips!

    25 Things Cats Are Secretly obsessed with - click the link back up to the top. Very funny for cat people!

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    Oh this is sooooo something I say!!!! #zachary #fuckery #funny #quotes .... Then a big smile and I solve the fuckery :)

    You don't have bigger balls than me...mine had to be put on my chest to avoid chaffing. #retro #funny #quotes #picture

    Depends on the kind of stupid. Some are fun stupid and you can laugh together when they say dumb things while others are insufferable, "it's so bad you can't even laugh" stupid. I don't play well with the latter.

    It's pretty funny when certain individuals can run their mouths and say and do what they please but when the tables turn they sure are the victim when it's them someone has an opinion about! Hilarious! Always a victim! Poor you, your feelings were hurt. Get the fuck over it! Truth hurts!



    So far, I've been faking it pretty well. Until I'm around my nieces and nephews. They're not fooled one bit.

    Go Away Im Introverting life quotes funny quotes quote funny quote funny quotes funny sayings humor introvert


    LMAO! There is one person in particular that is in my life that I wish was not. If it would not create a fight for my husband I would be all over this saying. I can't stand stupid people.

    #funny #quotes

    29 years of cookie dough eating--never been sick


    thanks for making me smile.