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  • Kassidy Nicole

    My life Motto

  • Anabel Cepeda

    true story..

  • fancy inspiration

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  • Jen Van Domelen

    words of wisdom

  • Linda Basel Moore

    You know, my sister lives by these words. She taught me to think this way - I'd never even thought the F-word to myself before that day. You know, she was right. I'll deny it if you ever tell her. Tracy, Elizabeth . . . you know who you are.

  • Sarah Reynolds

    Another fuck it quote :) @laurakdevine4 So true, thanks!

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Except I've never been a "people" person because I already knew how much people suck lol

Put Your Rain Coats On, It's Raining Funny Cats And Dogs! - 24 Pics

Yes, this is basically exactly me some days.

That's me: lawn gnome doppleganger, friend of man and animal, dry-as-a-bone and twice as morbid sense of humor....

It's pretty funny when certain individuals can run their mouths and say and do what they please but when the tables turn they sure are the victim when it's them someone has an opinion about! Hilarious! Always a victim! Poor you, your feelings were hurt. Get the fuck over it! Truth hurts!

I want to run away, but I cant afford it.

I think we need to have buttons all in the wedding colour(s) for people to choose and wear at the resort ... and all with funny sayings on them! (But maybe not this one!)

Your apparent hatred towards me makes me smile from the inside out. If you weren't so busy getting worked-up by my mere presence, you might notice my laughter!

Pretending to be a functioning adult is so exhausting.

If you love someone let them go. If they come back to you, it's pretty safe to assume that no one else wanted them.