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Church in the snow. LOVE churches, and they're even prettier in the snow :) Church Iceland Old time Country Church.

First snow (although it was just flurries!) of the season fell this month. I hope we see something as pretty as this picture later this winter!

♂Animals & Wildlife photography Red bird in snow "Little fellow in the red suit on Christmas Day!

Perched in a young aspen in Northwest Wyoming, three male Cassin's finches wait out a late spring snowstorm | Thomas D. Mangelsen

Rubies of the Tetons Perched in a young aspen, three male Cassin’s finches wait out a late spring snowstorm, their vivid red plumage shines like bright jewels against the snow-washed sky. pinned with Bazaart

snowbird chicks (Long-tailed Tit, Aegithalos caudatus japonicus)


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lantern in snow

SEASONAL – WINTER – a new-fallen snow appears so peaceful along this path lit with a snow lantern in the alps of switzerland, photo via wiesbaden.

Frost crystals on a spiderweb...awesome!!!

This is How You Can Tell the Temperature is Too Damn Cold!

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My little chickadee.

Black-capped Chickadee, so sweet. chick-a-dee-dee-dee (or a single singing note when looking for a mate)


OP: "Moose in winter." The moose is thinking: "Could be worse. Could be Norway." (Accounting grumbles: "Hej, we resemble that remark. BTW Should we tell the moose that he's actually a reindeer?