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Chemistry Card Game

64 Playing Cards to practice basic chemistry vocabulary with practice identifying examples of atoms, elements, compounds, molecules, chemical formulas, chemical symbols, and chemical equations. For beginning chemistry students.

Vocabulary Die: use as a game in the classroom to go over vocabulary words. The sides say: act it out, define it, synonym or antonym, draw it, use it in a sentence, and your choice. Great way for kids to get creative! #learning #spanish #kids

Play the Bag Game: Learn Parts of Speech

Activities: Play the Bag Game: Learn Parts of Speech - Cute way to design our own silly sentences game too!

Fractions on a Number Line & Visual Models Worksheets 3rd Grade Math Review

Fractions: In this 45 page Fractions Activity Packet, you will receive lots of printables to help your 3rd graders master Common Core fraction skills! Students will identify fractions, learn vocabulary, use anchor charts, compare fractions, write fractions, color fractions, analyze number lines, complete fraction walls, determine equivalent fractions, solve word problems and more!