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Venn Diagram Practice

Speech Time Fun: Venn Diagram Practice. 50 Venn Diagrams using common vocabulary and concepts. Sorting cards provided to help students learn how to complete the graphic organizer! Blank Venn Diagram and sorting cards provided!!

Compare Contrast Card Game

Winter Summarizing

Speech Time Fun: Winter Summarization Card Game! Fun way to practice using somebody-wanted-but-so-then!

Sneaker Sequencing and Recall

Sneaker Sequencing and Recall Activity: Students will have fun sorting 3 paragraph stories into the correct sequence, using the graphic organizer to recall, and answer the questions based on the stories read or heard. Your students will have so much fun learning and working on their speech and language goals!

Building Vocabulary For Older Students

Wild Word Context Clues

Speech Time Fun: Wild Word Fun Context Clues Card Game, Visual Aid, & Review Worksheet!