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Explore Practice 50, Diagram Practice, and more!

Speech Time Fun: Venn Diagram Practice. 50 Venn Diagrams using common vocabulary and concepts. Sorting cards provided to help students learn how to complete the graphic organizer! Blank Venn Diagram and sorting cards provided!!

Speech Therapy Very Structured REGULAR PAST TENSE Activity

Speech Therapy. A very structured REGULAR PAST TENSE Activity. A good place to start for students w/ this goal. Picture and written cue provided. #speechtherapy #pasttense

Three Step Sequencing with Real Photos

Sequence:Sequencing and three step sequencing is a very important skill for students to learn. If they have poor language skills, referencing the background knowledge of what happens first, next, and last is very difficult for them. I have many students

Winter Complex Sentence Builder

Help your students create complex sentences containing dependent and independent clauses. Included in this packet: Winter Noun Cards – 48 cards Wi...

Cupcake Listening for WH- Questions

Today we had fun working on note-taking with my cupcake listening for wh questions activity! I put the graphic organizer in dry erase sleeves to make them fun and reusable! Everyone had to listen to the story and take notes. They got to predict the questions I was going to ask! Students did well recognizing when they got distracted when they needed repetition and even noticing when I stressed important details while I read the passages!

St. Patrick’s Day Clover “I am lucky” Craftivity

What attributes do your students have that make them "lucky?" In this St. Patrick's Day Shamrock "I am lucky" Craftivity students write about four things that make them a lucky person. It is a perfect St. Patrick's Day writing lesson and a fun activity for elementary school.

Multiple Meaning Words Interactive Task Cards - Vocabulary

These interactive task cards help students increase their vocabulary knowledge by learning the multiple meanings of various vocabulary words. These task cards target 30 multiple-meaning words (homonyms) with 3 definitions each. DICE DECKS are highly engaging! Have a student roll a die. If it lands on a 1 or 4, task A will be completed. If it lands on a 2 or 5, task B will be completed. If it lands on a 3 or 6, task C will be completed.

Homophone Matching Games-CCSSL.2.1; CCSSL.3.2; CCSSL.4.1

Are you in need of a fun way for students to practice homophones? Look no further! This is a set of 72 cards each with a homophone. There are several games students can play with them. There are 24 cards with purple flowers, 24 with blush flowers, and 24 with pink. This allows you divide them for three separate groups or individual play.

Cariboo Comprehension Cards

Speech Time Fun: Work on a variety of comprehension goals with this Cariboo companion pack! Goals included: main idea, cause/effect, inferencing, context clues, and predicting! Visual aids and graphic organizers included!!

Looking for a great support on how to prompt and a hierarchy to follow? Check out this phenomenal PPT from Kathleen Post, MS-CCC/SLP entitled Intervention and Implementation Growing Communication Skills in Students using AAC (code for ongoing assessment!) Incl. great info. on the ECT Prompt Hierarchy (from Environmental Communication Teaching). Thanks to @Emma McGinniss for asking for specifics on the prompt hierarchy referenced on my AAC Boot Camp Poster!)