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How to Run a Social Skills Group Many of our children with language delays also have trouble with social skills. This may be due to certain conditions that impair social skills, like autism, or it may just be because these children have trouble learning language and social interactions rely heavily on language skills. Whatever the cause,

Social Skills Challenge

I want social skill activities for my kids to mean something. Sometimes these lessons turn into more talk and less action. I’ve tried games but wanted something my kids could take back and do in their classrooms. This challenge is great for children with

Social Skills: winter problem solving and emotional regulation

Snow Problem is a winter themed product to work on identifying the size of a problem, the size of a reaction and more!

Surface Tension Water Experiment – Water Drops On A Penny

Water Surface Tension Experiment | STEM Challenge

Social Skills Interactive Student Notebook

This Interactive Notebook Is All About Social Skills. Children will learn positive social skills to use in their everyday life. #teach