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Winter Summarizing

Winter Summarizing Card Game: Have fun learning to use somebody-wanted-but-so-then strategy to summarize!

Free! Hot Chocolate hot chocolate, winter themed activity. 24 cards provided sentence strip included!

Wild Word Context Clues

Speech Time Fun: Wild Word Fun Context Clues Card Game, Visual Aid, & Review Worksheet!

Possessive -s Worksheets

This activity is designed to help your students practice using possessive s in sentences. There are 16 different people and each person has pictures of 5 different objects that could belong to him/her. You can have your students complete the sentence at the top of each page, such as this is the babys _______.

Surface Tension Water Experiment – Water Drops On A Penny

Water Surface Tension Experiment | STEM Challenge

Sometimes learning vocabulary concepts makes my students wacky! We have been having fun racing to collect all the cards on our mat while targeting multiple vocabulary concepts.Included in this packet:pg. 1: Coverpg. 2-3: Credits and Additional Informationpg. 4: Contents and Instructionspg. 5-8: Vocabulary Targets; includes 8 cards each for synonyms, antonyms, multiple meaning words, and categories (32 cards total)pg. 9: Bonus Cards: If using as a game, these cards make things wacky by…

Here's a little Christmas goodie from ME to YOU :) I'm so honored that you're considering my products for your therapy! freebie- social skills Use these 35 irresistible and emotional Santa and Gingerbread Man cards to play Cariboo and talk about emotions/feelings, causes of feelings, and coping strategies!

St. Patrick's Day Summarizing

Keep learning while celebrating St. Patrick's Day with these fun summarizing cards. Your students will practice the "Somebody Wanted But So Then" method of making summaries, in addition to practice verbal expression skills. This product is a win-win!***************************************************************************What awesome summarizing activities are included?

Winter Summarizing

Speech Time Fun: Winter Summarization Card Game! Fun way to practice using somebody-wanted-but-so-then!