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How to Elicit the r Sound

Expanding Utterances with Smash Mats! ([Simply Speech!])

Smash mats have been so motivating for my students. I use them to target all kinds of speech and language goals. The kids get excited and I get to elicit lots of practice… it's a win, win! I recently

Beginning Letter Sounds: Free Matching Cards

Our culture, our heritage, our future - I have a dream. A dream that showed me how valuable our culture and heritage would be; if properly preserved and not commercialized like any other service and or commodity. I had a dream about the past, that...

Reindeer Games for Artic {/r/, /s/, /z/, vocalic r and blends}

Reindeer Games for Artic {/r/, /s/, /z/, vocalic r and blends} Multiple sound targets from 2 syllables to lengthy sentences!