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Chiharu Shiota

photo / copyright: Chiharu Shiota Solo Show Detached - Tasmania Museum & Art Gallery

A Lesson Before Dying. Round House Theatre. Scenic design by Tony Cisek.

A Lesson Before Dying, TONY CISEK scenic design. Can't find a theatre in NWI interested in producing it yet. Great scenic idea for a psychological drama.

Chiharu Shiota's Installations. Check it out at: http://decdesignecasa.blogspot.it #art #installation #coolart

Chiharu Shiota’s Installations

Berlin artist Chiharu Shiota who was born in Japan, creates installations, covered with cobwebs. Shiota usually makes a massive installations which usually consist of found objects, such as shoes or chairs, tangled in webs of

INDOOR CLOUDS! That’s not Photoshop. The Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde has developed a way to create a small, perfect white cloud in the middle of a room. It requires meticulous planning: the temperature, humidity and lighting all have to be just so. Once everything is ready, Smilde summons the cloud out of the air using a fog machine. It lasts only moments, but the effect is dramatic and strangely moving. It evokes both the surrealism of Magritte and the classical beauty of the old masters.

Artist:Berndnaut Smilde Nimbus II, cloud in room A gallery with no sculptures, only a cloud floating within the space. 'Nimbus' is a new installation of Amsterdam-based artist Berndnaut Smilde, who refuses to explain how he managed to create a real cloud.