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Teeth Comic Series

Teeth Comic Series

Teeth Comic Series. Don't judge me, it's late, I had exams, and I found this funny now. I probably won't tomorrow, but hey. For all you people out there who find this funny enjoy.

X-Men bathroom = awesome

When you realise your phone sex is actually a threesome... One comment from someone sums up a lot: I kinda wish Bush were still in office so Democrats would still be bothered by the Patriot Act and NDAA.

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The funniest protesting signs…


Here comes the airplane?

Mackayla Maroney is not impressed.

i take it as a compliment, blacks my favorite color

Oh boy, this is a good one. Enjoy. Would you guys buy that t-shirt if we made some? Shout out to Enrique who made that up for us. Follow him: @nrek_alva. And then follow me: @Ty_Sechler. And then check Part I of today's Dopeness if you haven't already.