I seriously have the greatest Best Friend in the entire world!! I Dont know what id ever do without you!! Thank you for being you., and showing me what a real friend should be like OVES You!! @Sierra Martinez

'When it rains look for rainbows, when its dark look for stars.' Keep holding on, look for the positives in life even when its raining inside your mind ♡ inspiring quotes just for you

Exactly! I rather you tell me the truth and hurt my feelings then to lie to me because once you lie you gotta tell another lie to cover up the first lie and its just keeps repeating over and over. Honesty is the best policy always!

to toast our 20th anniversary, we’ve playfully captured some of things we love most in our new collection of tabletop and décor featuring everything from pretty paperweights to dress up your desk to c

.wow. Just wow. Wasn't I just writing about this? A "friend" (yes, thats sarcasm!) once told me I expect to much out of people and that I was wrong for doing that. I'm sorry...that implies its ok to settle for less than the BEST out of people. I don't agree. At all. If that makes me idealistic...screw you. I'm done.

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