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    Loved The Friendly Giant (with Rusty the chicken!)

    Watched Mr. French and Buffy and Jody and Cissy every day after school.

    remember this glue for school!!

    The friendly Giant

    I LOVED these. Still have them somewhere....


    Mr. Dressup

    I loved this gum.

    Three's Company

    Loved the Sonny and Cher show!

    The Friendly Giant...I remember this so well from my childhood...I loved the part when the tiny furniture would be shown and then the Giant would say "Look up, look waayyy up".

    Land Of The Giants

    Buck Rogers such a funny little 'space' show...enjoyed it

    The Friendly Giant children's tv show on CBC. This one would have been late 70's as well for me. I always loved the intro to this.

    Family Ties.

    Loved this stuff back then !

    Lost in Space...."Danger, Will Robinson!" :)

    Remember how smart Edith Ann was? ..."and that's the truth!" pthhhhhb

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    Mork (Robin Williams) from the 80s tv show, Mork & Mindy

    HUGE lip smackers ....loved these