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eggs & Jesus resurrection-hmmm?; but i do like idea of having something hands on for kids to see symbols & hear details of Jesus Resurrection!

Making Resurrection eggs with printable this would be a great craft for the gems girls to take home and tell the Easter story to their families!

Use Easter eggs for a purpose this Easter, with Easter Story...in an Egg!

30 Christian Easter Crafts

The Easter Story {Craft}… in an Egg! These eggs are such a fun way to share the Easter Story and Resurrection of Jesus with your kids!

Easter story in eggs-instructions with scriptures and items to put in each egg

The Easter Story in Eggs (or Resurrection Eggs

Resurrection eggs share Christ | CommissionStories - Asia

Great idea for easter egg evangelism. Christian workers in East Asia do this each year. Great way to tie pagan Eostre's eggs with Christian Easter Resurrection eggs share Christ

Easter- printable resurrection eggs that match Benjamin's Box and the resurrection eggs by Family Life.

"Benjamin's Box" and the "Resurrection Eggs" By: Family Life . Easter printable resurrection eggs that match

excellent printable for resurrection eggs

Easter Bunny Theme Unit - Printables, Lessons, Ideas, for Teaching: Resurrection eggs

Salt dough Easter eggs - 1 c flour, 1/2 c salt, 1/2 c water. Good tutorial...can't stress enough, as they say in the post, roll it THIN. THIN. And for heavens sake REMEMBER TO PUNCH A HOLE IN EACH ONE BEFORE YOU BAKE IT. Guess why I'm stressing that? :) I used acrylics and liked the results. Great, easy, afternoon craft with the kids.

DIY with Design Mom: Salt Dough Ornaments

Get cracking with Easter crafts for kids: Salt dough Easter egg ornaments from Design Mom. For the kiddos with egg allergies!

Resurrection Eggs - FHE last night...the kids really liked it, especially Tori.

some thoughts: Resurrection Eggs.this was a fun little treasure hunt that kept things Christ-focused

Love these DIY Resurrection Eggs!  I've been looking for an idea that doesn't involve little items in eggs that my young ones will lose or put in their mouths.

DIY Resurrection Eggs: Tell the Easter Story

DIY Resurrection Eggs- MAN I'm going to be on the lookout for wooden eggs now!

Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers... perfect   for little ones with shorter attention spans and with a sweet   ending

Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers

Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers idea from Happy Home Fairy. Such a great idea to teach the Easter story to small children who are too young to do other religious Easter ideas. May put it in something other than eggs.

Make your own Homemade Resurrection Eggs using these free printables. Fun and simple way to share the Resurrection Story with your little ones this Easter!

Printable Resurrection Eggs

Make ReSuRReCTioN eGGS ____Homemade Resurrection Eggs using these free printables. Fun & simple way to share the Resurrection Story

Homemade Resurrection Eggs Printables + Instructions I lost my instructions to the real one so this is great!

Printable Resurrection Eggs

How to make Homemade Resurrection Eggs to teach young children the story of Easter.