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Oh my god, I really wanna try the elevator thing for now, but the teacher thing will obviously be a recommendation in a future friend that happens to be one

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Come smettere di procrastinare

Funny pictures about Stages of procrastination. Oh, and cool pics about Stages of procrastination. Also, Stages of procrastination photos.

This is suppose to be a "the world doesnt make sense" thing. but i thought gingers were called ginger because of ginger bread. and that strawberry blonde was pinkish blonde? ive never called a blonde a strawberry.

The Mentos thing is priceless!

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Priceless!  Officers have body cams & audio recorders, so DO NOT TRY AT HOME!

15 Really Funny Short Stories

Why guys have things they don't deserve?

i swear, half the guys i know have lashes longer than mine.

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Interessante Uitkomst =)!

Sad thing is I really did this. but I'm laughing like really hard<<<< are you freaking serious wow lol<<<< I'm not upset I fell for that, I learned a new multiplication fact, I'm fine with that.