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    "Make A Wish Cottage" - thomas kincade

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    My Thomas Kinkaide Home! (Make a Wish Cottage)

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    Joni Eareckson Tada Art Pictures | Nise Interview With Thomas Kinkade | Sonoma Christian Home

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    Thomas Kincaid RIP. The Norman Rockwell of our generation

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    thomas kinkade | Thomas Kinkade Paintings - Thomas Kinkade Make a Wish Cottage Painting

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    Make a wish cottage Thomas kinkade Art prints canvas 20x24 free shipping!

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From a prolific artistic lifetime of painting, we are excited to introduce "Away From It All" one of Thomas Kinkade's last completed pieces of work. While this was one of the last images Thom painted, it is the first image to be released in a series of wondrous outdoor vistas in the Away From It All Collection. In this, we see how Thom was indelibly influenced as a child by the majestic views of the Sierra-Nevada mountain range as he beautifully captured the grandeur of the great outdoors.

Sweetheart Gazebo [2002] ©Thomas Kinkade "For me, "Sweetheart Gazebo" is a modest palace of love. At once intimate and expansive, private and open, this most romantic shelter presents an image of the dual nature of love. Like the gazebo, love is private, comfortable, comforting; at the same time, love embraces the world and opens to its beauties."

Meadowood Cottage by Thomas Kinkade

Away From It All - I was raised with the majestic views of the mighty Sierra-Nevada mountain range. As a boy, I would hike and camp surrounded by the clear evidence of God's hand in creation. In Away From It All, I hope you feel the embrace of a loving God and most importantly to center yourself in that comforting retreat as I did. -Thomas Kinkade

The Rose Garden by Thomas Kinkade For poets and painters, roses are the flowers of love. In my case, my wife deserves some credit for the connection—Nanette has always been tremendously fond of roses. I can't count the times when a dozen long-stemmed blooms have heightened the romance of a lovely evening. — Thomas Kinkade

Sunrise by Thomas Kinkade As we were approaching the year 2000, I felt compelled as an artist to celebrate not the passing of the old millennium, but the beginning of the new millennium. I truly believe that this next millennium will come to be characterized as the "Millennium of Light" and I pray my Sunrise painting will be symbolic of a new dawning of God's grace and love in the years ahead. - Thomas Kinkade

"Home Is Where The Heart Is" by Thomas Kinkade. "Like many others, I enjoy the look of charming two-story homes such as this, with shutters on the windows, flower lined walkways, and a shade tree towering over the front lawn. As I worked on this painting, I imagined my own family living in this beautiful setting, with wicker chairs for my wife, Nanette, a swing for my three year old daughter Merritt, and even a teddy bear beneath the tree for my toddler daughter, Chandler!" -Thomas Kinkade

Silver and Gold by Thomas Kinkade ~~ Silver and Gold is the first still life I've ever shared with my collectors. This exquisite assemblage of golden blooms in an elegant silver vase gives me the sense of exuberant repose that I get from my most satisfying landscapes. In fact, I treat this still life as a landscape in miniature.

Thomas Kinkade! Love his work! I have been collecting his work for years and it graces our dining room walls. It's so beautiful. Such talent.

Rose Gate by Thomas Kinkade --- In the first of a trio of coordinated paintings in honor of my beautiful baby, Winsor, we enter through the floral opulence of Rose Gate. Two ancient stone columns guard the entrance; a weathered copper plaque bears the crest of the manor, an interlocking "W & M." — Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade, I have the pleasure of owning one of these! I absolutely love Thomas Kincaid all of his art is magical and breathtaking! There is no other artists in my opinion and current times that is as good as Thomas Kincaid! I really hope you enjoy all the pictures and the meaning behind them, he was truly an amazing artist who love God and I believe his pictures were heavenly! ❤️